Maannos on ravintola Helsingin Punavuoressa, jonka ideologiassa korostuu suomalaisuus, kestävä kehitys, innovointi ja ekologisuus.

Kitchen & bar
by Maannos


Kitchen & bar by Maannos is a restaurant with an ideology based on Finnish produce, innovation, sustainability and an appreciation for nature.

We aim to show that things can be done differently – we’re not ones to stay set in our ways, upholding tradition just for tradition’s sake. As we see it, restaurant culture is rapidly changing towards new forms and ideas. We are confident that we can bring in something different in to the mix. We find that our menu embodies this really well. Back in the day, meat and fish used to be luxuries reserved for special events with vegetables playing the central role in day-to-day cooking. We recall this fine tradition by serving meat and fish on the side of a menu with a core of seasonal vegetables.

Planning what the restaurant would be like, we envisioned it as a source for inspiration and new experiences. We strive to make decisions that are sustainable and endure the test of time: in the kitchen, we have a mix of carefully chosen new appliances and tested classics, and the design of the bar and dining area follows similar ideals. With the dining tables made out dead pine trees from my own woods and modern Scandinavian design with the furniture. This innovation blends with the restaurant’s historical building and the location, creating a unique contrast.

We hope that our restaurant offers its customers an inspiring introduction to, or a wholly new experience of Finnish food, drink and restaurant culture.

This is our vision of it, which we offer now to you.


Jouni Rahikainen & Elmo Luoma-aho    


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