Maannos on ravintola Helsingin Punavuoressa, jonka ideologiassa korostuu suomalaisuus, kestävä kehitys, innovointi ja ekologisuus.




The origin of the ingredients that we use is extremely important to us. Our concept is based on local ingredients; we aim to use at least 90% Finnish goods. We’ve had a chance to get to know a lot fantastic producers around Finland along the way and we want to appreciate their work as well as our own.

The great cooperation with these producers links us perfectly with the food we serve to you and with the goods that Finnish nature provides us. The summer season, when everything grows, is very short and we want take full advantage of it by using traditional methods of preservation. Every season is different so we’ll have to adapt to them.



In Finnish, Maannos is a word for the top layer of soil where everything grows. This is reflected in our guidelines in our everyday work at our restaurant: we have our professional experience as a base and we want to use that knowledge to grow new ideas and ways of exploring ingredients.

The way the world and the climate is changing we decided to build our menu around vegetables. You can order good quality Finnish meat and fish as well, but vegetables play the starring role. It used to be a festive thing to eat meat and fish in Finland. With our menu we want to show that you can have a diverse meal with only veggies. We may use eggs, dairy, beef stock or fish stock in the menu to bring out the wanted depth of flavour, but there is no actual meat or fish protein in it.

Our menu is served family style, with dishes shared between everyone at the table. The menu is served in four sections, and it contains 7-9 shared dishes. On top of the menu we serve portions of the day, that are always available in meat, fish and vegetable options, along with the small bar dishes. You are welcomed to enjoy all the food we serve either at the bar or in the dining room.

We want to cherish the seasonality of Finnish ingredients, therefore we don’t want to limit our imagination with printed menus. This way we are able to use even smaller quantities of goods from our producers on the menu and keep the surprise element present for our customers.



Like our food style, the bar has been set up to run with the same ideology, with Finnish ingredients. Local microbrewery beers and ciders play a big part in our everyday life. Not to forget the Finnish sprits with seasonal mixers combined to create delicious cocktails! Non-alocoholic bewerages are always available as well, in the form of homemade juices and so on. We complement this repertoire with natural wines from Europe. We hope that all these elements will bring a unique experience for our customers.


Beverage packages with menu



A real journey of tastes with an element of a surprise.